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September 23, 2013

Since i’ve started eating clean foods, primarily plant based, i have also added regular exercise to my life. Consistency has always been my downfall. I have started workout plans so many times and given up  half way through each time. I believe that the difference this time around is that i aligned my diet first and then added exercise. Because of this it is much more natural for me to want to workout and stay consistent.

Since consistently working out i have become stronger, have more energy, have achieved more weight loss, my mood is uplifted, i have more patience with my kids, i can focus on tasks, have better self-esteem, make better food choices and sleep and wake feeling fully rested.

Insert crazy, high energy photo:


So where to start? Well for us we love to get people’s reviews on workouts to find out what they liked about it. I had the upper hand because my sister has been embarking on a very similar journey as i am on. She’s lost a crazy amount of weight and her performance level is out of this world. She just finished her first half marathon a couple months ago and i’m so crazy proud of her. So for me, i went straight to her and she recommended Shawn T’s, “Insanity”


What i have loved about Insanity is how much you sweat. I’m not gonna lie, it’s a tough workout but isn’t that the point? In the first 2 weeks i started noticing my body changing. My endurance was stronger and i was able to last through an entire workout. Your working against your own body so there’s a lot of room to modify or to push yourself harder. We are only have way through so i’m eager to get into month 2 of the workout.



You get 10 disc and every night you work through a different workout. Keeps a fresh perspective rather than the same workout every night while challenging different areas of your body.

Price wise, if you buy this from beachbody.com you are looking at about $140. Our budget wouldn’t allow the full priced set so i looked and found it used but in new condition on amazon for $60. Charlie and i both love it and worth the money.

If you don’t want to spend money but really want to workout at home then there are others ways to get a free and similar approach to Insanity. My sister introduced me to the world of of workouts on you tube. If you have never heard of Fitness Blender then allow me to introduce you to a great free way to exercise at home. They have so many workouts that you can choose from. I love that they have different body target points and that some workouts are are longer or shorter. This is really excellent and will guarantee that you will work up a sweat. Here’s a workout i did this morning:

I watched it once and thought how easy it looked. Let me tell you looks are deceiving. I was huffing and puffing through this one and got a nice sweat out of it.

There are so many great exercise options out there. Don’t allow excuses to come into your life. Your life will be richer and stronger because you chose to commit to health! Happy Monday ya’ll!!

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