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Joys of Motherhood: Diastsis Recti

October 16, 2013


One of the toughest phases I have been through since becoming a mother is my after baby body. Everyone will prepare you for it, you will find tons of encouragement on embracing it but nothing truly prepares you for the change your body will take. Now that I have experienced 3 pregnancies I defiantly bare all the “love marks” (as the optimist would say) all over the central area of my body. I don’t regret any of it of course but it has taken some getting used to.

One of my challenges since having Miles is a Diastsis Recti. When you get pregnant your abs separate to make room for your baby. After you give birth your abs slowly being to fuse back together. Since having all my kids pretty darn close together my abs didn’t fully close back. You can even measure the space of your gap with your fingers. I have what is called a 2 finger gap. If you suspect you may have an abdominal separation, you can check yourself.  watch this


A Disastsis can give the appearance of looking 2-3 months pregnant and loosing weight alone will not make it go away. Loosing weight can make it appear smaller but in order to close the gap between the abdominal wall you must heal it closed.

I have been gently working on healing my Disastsis gap for about 3 months off and on. I have gone from a 2 finger gap to just 1 finger! With this I have noticed significant improvement in my abs, lower back pain, and overall workout performance.



It is incredibly important to commit to healing the separation together. It is no coincidence that your core is not only important to keep healthy internally with the foods we eat but also to keep the muscles healthy. Due to my ab separation I have experienced tons of back and neck pain even sitting to standing can still cause discomfort. I have had to modify workouts because I have lost a significant amount of core control. Also, traditional ab crunches and a lot of Pilates moves must be completely avoided or you could open the gap wider which could cause damage in your muscles.

The good news is that I am not alone and this is quite common for us mom’s. There are a lot of dedicated trainers out in cyberland who have put together workouts to contribute to healing and recovery from an ab separation. While there are many you can choose from by doing a simple google search i have really enjoyed using the Dia Method.  I have found her approach to be easy to commit to and she offers online streaming for those of us who like to avoid DVD’s. (although you can purchases DVD’s too)

I am dedicated to continue in healing my abdomen wall. I look forward to the day of having no gap’s in between my abs!

I hope to update on my future progress!

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