Fearing the Worst

November 6, 2013

Our family has been battling a cold virus over the past week. Sore throat, runny noses, congestion, coughs all the symptoms that make up a nasty virus and now this morning Ada has had a mild stomach virus. To say the least i have been busy focusing on tending to the littles and resting myself!

Nothing is worse than seeing your children sick and as parents we want to do anything we can to help relieve discomfort. It can be challenging to think that we are doing all the right things to ensure our children are ok and especially for new parents it’s tough to decipher what’s serious or not.


Mothers have a powerful ability to be intuitive to our children. I have been a mom to young children for the past 6 years. It has taken some time to trust that intuition and realize its purpose in allowing me to have discernment with illness, But if you listen closely to it and avoid shrinking to fear you will find sound mind to understand what’s best.  I am not an expert and i don’t claim to be one. But i believe i have become seasoned to understand when we have a serious problem or not.



In all my time as a mother we have only had 1 sickness that became serious. When Ada was 2 she got a bad case of the stomach virus. Being new to the stomach bug i knew very little on how to treat it. I knew i needed to watch for dehydration but i didn’t understand the best way to keep her hydrated. I believe now the my execution of treating her could have saved us a trip to ER. Through this experience and educating myself we have not had any further problems during a stomach virus.


I think we have a serious problem when the answer to sickness is always medication. Our bodies are truly an amazing creation and have a surpassing ability to heal and overcome sickness if we allow it. If medications were the answer than we would see a country with gleaming healthy children but on the contrary, we have the exact opposite and we seem to be getting sicker.

I absolutely think their is a place for medical professionals. I am grateful for the education that they have in place when emergencies arise. I believe there are some wonderful doctors and nurses who are making a difference in what they do. But I also fear on the flip side that there is a heavy dose of fear mongering, over use of pharmaceutical drug selling, and a whole lot of vaccine pushing being transferred to these same young mothers who are trying to do their best for their children.

Fear is in opposition of peace and wisdom. I refuse to lead my family in fear when it comes to our physical heath. I would never deny my children the need of anything medical if was impertinent but i have come to find that most thing are not and have a better outcome when dealt with naturally.

I have seen my children turn a complete 180 in their ability to overcome sickness. Due to our diet change, holistic prevention, Chiropractic care, and keeping their bodies free from antibiotics and other medications these everyday illness’s are mild and are swiftly gone. Even as i write i have watched Ada have nausea, vomit 3 times and now completely feeling fine and begging for an apple in 4 hours. This is the power of an immune system.


My encouragement to every parent is educate yourself. Have a voice in your children’s life when dealing with sickness. Don’t make decisions out of fear and don’t ever be bullied in to anything you don’t have peace about. Realize that not all sickness is bad and natural immunity will take its place as our children grow. God has entrusted us as parents to take responsibility over their health! Don’t fear the worst but have confidence in these bodies we have been given.

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