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Snack Attack

December 10, 2013

I have been receiving quite a few messages asking what i am doing to loose weight. I talk so much about juicing that most assume that i am juicing exclusively. While i love juicing and try to incorporate it often if not daily, buying a hefty amount of organic produce on top of our families regular grocery needs can be financially taxing. To give our family financial breaks instead of juicing i can buy less and just eat the fresh fruit and veggies.

Being a mom to little ones i often feel that feeding myself is at the lowest priority. It can be a challenge to sit down and eat which is why i have become a great snacker. Snacks are convenient, fast and easy to grab on the go. I needed a fast food approach to my snacking and wanted to share what i do throughout my day to keep fueled, energized and nourished. I workout 5 days a week doing HIIT and Tabata style routines. I use Fitness Blender, a husband and wife duo that have created free workout videos on you tube. It is a similar approach to Insanity and can be streamed from your computer, ipad, iphone or laptop. Since i am working out my body starts throwing warning signs if i don’t put food in my mouth so i have become much more aware of eating throughout the day. I try and have snacks prepared for the day to take out any guess work. Here’s a sampling of “my chews”



Raw Carrots

Low sodium organic popcorn

organic apple


Nut Mix; Almond, raisin, cranraisins with a sprinkle of organic chocolate chips

Celery; peanut butter + raisins 

Brown rice cakes with peanut butter and jelly or honey

home made Granola bars

For Lunch a quick sandwich paired with fruit or a green salad and I am set for the day full of energy



This is my daily diet and how i am loosing weight. I love eating and i get to eat a lot. I try to incorporate more veggies of course and we eat a plentiful amount of grains and legumes (beans) for dinner. I am trying to focus on water intake these days. I don’t drink enough and need much more. Water is not only excellent for weight loss but for restoring cells, removing toxins and keeping your skin and body hydrated. You don’t have to starve yourself to loose weight but eating real, fresh, live food allows your body to do what it needs to function and operate the way God designed it!

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