Debt Story

Killin’ the Debt

March 26, 2014

I’m pretty excited to share what’s been happening over this past month. I wrote in my last debt post that we had been focusing to pay off debt but were side tracked by some large unexpected car expenses and an empty emergency fund leaving us feeling quite insecure about our next step.

Charlie and I sat down together and prayed that God would help us back on our feet so we could return to paying off debt. We continued to work hard and have taken on all the extra work we could get our hands on. To get out of the negative we needed Charlie’s car repaired and our emergency fund back at $1000 (baby step #1).  Living a life without the dependency of credit cards forces you to depend on God’s provision. It is certainly a step of faith and our family is living proof that God loves His children and rejoices in obedience. Over this past month, one of our toughest financial months, we were able to pay cash to fix $1500 worth of car repairs, re-fill our emergency fund back to $1000 and pay off an additional $7500 of debt!!! God showed up BIG ya’ll!!

We are beyond excited about this giant step. We are getting even closer to our move in May and looking forward to finishing out the rest of this debt for good. We are celebrating this huge victory over the bondage of debt and are already planning our next attack!!!



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