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March 13, 2014

I have reached the half way point of this 60 day journey with Insanity. This has been by far one of the most sweat intense, give it my all, tough challenging workouts I have ever attempted. I have grown stronger, gained more momentum and can push myself harder. Its crazy and I love it! I wanted to give my personal review and show my progress as a result from taking this 60 day challenge!


Insanity is tough but I believe that most people could do this workout. By modifying and working at your own pace you can still achieve great results. Month 1 consist of 30 min Interval and circuit training workouts. The first week you are focusing on learning the moves and sweating a whole lot. By the 2nd and 3rd week I was able to keep up with the video without stopping. Month 2 every workout starts with the word max and that is exactly what it is. You are working at your MAX! I’m on my first week of month 2 and it’s been brutal. It’s a new a challenge to beat and everyday I try to get a little better. Once you are finished you feel incredible and exhausted at the same time.

When you take the insanity challenge they encourage you to take photos to help show your results. You take a before, middle and after shot. At first I thought it was a little silly until over the past weekend I took my half way mark photo. I truly couldn’t believe how much my body has already changed in 30 days.


I’m incredibly encouraged and anxious to reach the end! I am trying to keep my diet as clean as I can. I have always allowed myself to be more relaxed and eat out on weekends but because my 10 year anniversary is just around the corner I am being abnormally strict and allowing 1 “cheat” meal a week. I eat lots of clean and nutritious foods all week long. Insanity makes me hungry all the time so I have stocked my cabinets full of various nuts and fruits for constant snacking options. This is by no means a diet this is my lifestyle now. I am just restricting eating out to achieve my weight loss.


If you are hesitant to do Insanity because you have heard how hard it is be encouraged that someone like me who has never been much into working out is half way through this 60 day challenge and loving it. It’s awesome to see yourself work harder and get better. Take the challenge it’s worth it!

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