Debt Story

The Cost of Debt

April 24, 2014

Things really work out funny sometime. The decisions we have been making to get out of debt have all been from good intent but circumstances continue to surprise us. From my last post I had shared that we had paid off $7500 of debt during a really tough financial month, due to car repairs and dental needs. God has certainly been showing his provision! We had also shared that we would be leaving Franklin and moving to south Nashville. This would enable a lower monthly rent which would expedite paying off debt and begin saving up to buy a house. When we first decided to move from our rental I admit that I was sad to leave Franklin. This past year has been one of the best for our family. So many healthy choices, Norah starting school, a lot of sweet memories and of course the convenience of living in a great small suburb of Nashville, I really wanted to stay. But more so, I really want to be free from the bondage of debt. We are closer now than we have been in a long time. One of my initial prayers during our decision to move was that we could stay in Franklin. I figured due to the high cost of living here that we would have to leave the area to get the rent we needed.


As we have been preparing to move to our new place we discovered recently that our town home was suddenly no longer available in the price we were told. With much frustration we re-grouped and started looking again in Franklin. Within the same day, while browsing craigslist, we found one little home in Franklin in our desired budget. We went to see it and with much joy we knew this was where we wanted to be! We have known from the beginning that breaking the bondage over debt would take sacrifice. It would mean that we give up unaffordable luxuries and begin acting our current wage. We will be moving in less than a month and losing 1000 sq ft from our current home and we couldn’t be more excited! We have found so much joy as a family in the midst of this struggle. Working hard and having the same determination has brought us together even more.

This debt free journey has been wild roller coater ride. Full of surprises and unexpected turns. I am so excited for this new chapter of our families life. This move will enable us to be debt free before the end of the year and begin saving up to buy a home. Charlie and I have already been planning creative ways to make every inch of our home functional and minimal. A family of 5 in 1025 sq. ft home, we gladly take the challenge!

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