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The Insanity is OVER!!

April 16, 2014

I am so glad to be finally finished with Insanity. It was an amazing 60 days and I’m so proud that I did it! Overall, I feel strong and my body has really changed. I am beginning to see so much more toning and Improvement in my endurance.

I have hit a hard place in weight loss. I would love to shed these last 10 lbs and I still hope to reach my goal but as I get closer to that number I am noticing that it is taking much longer than in the beginning! During Insanity I only lost 5 pounds but I also realize I have gained muscle.

But overall I am so thrilled at my progress! Working out has become a part of my ritual. It’s like my coffee in that if I don’t do it my day feels off. When I began this crazy weight loss ride almost a year ago I was shopping for XL tops and wearing 14/16 size pants. It still takes me off guard when I see small’s and mediums in my dressing room and now wearing size 8/10 pants.

My 8 month progress:




8 months of hard work…


I have not only made strides in my physical appearance but also my overall health. To me this is even more important than what is shown through my physique. My goal is to continue to alkaline my body, rid myself of toxicity and achieve optimal health through eating raw whole and clean foods.


I am no one extraordinary. I’m just a mom with 3 kids trying to do my best to achieve great health. This all started with a decision and a plan. I’ve had up’s and down’s along the way, I’ve messed up or had to alter my diet. But overall, my greatest success was that I never stopped moving forward. I didn’t allow one cheat day to mess everything up and get off track. I continued to focus on the prize ahead. I’m closer now that I have been in a very long time. Every sacrifice has been worth it in the end. This is not a diet, this is my life. I am confident I will continue to move forward.

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