Blue Vinyl Creative

May 28, 2014

Charlie and I have been busy with start of wedding season. We have a blast shooting and cherish the time we get together. We literally have the best clients ever and are so honored to be a part of such a monumental moment of their lives. Blue Vinyl Creative started when Charlie had lost his job and we were scrounging for any way to pay the bills. We loved the creativity and art of documenting marriage and felt that we could share couples stories in a unique way while meeting our families financial needs. We have loved every aspect of our business and excited to see it growing!


If you know Charlie and I then you know that at the core of who we are, we are nut balls. We always have downtime at weddings and usually take the opportunity to scout out where we will take our bride and groom during the portrait shots. Well of course we shoot each other for fun and to test out the chosen spot. The outcome is always fun

He’s a handsome devil ain’t he?!

We have an exciting year full of fantastic clients! Can’t wait to be share in their story of love!

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