Non-Microwaved Popcorn: Pop it Like it’s Hot

May 21, 2014

For the past 2 years my family has lived life perfectly fine without the use of a microwave. I rather like that I keep my food in its original form rather than change it’s chemical structure most likely turning it into a carcinogenic. Read more about the dangers of microwaves HERE. Heating food is quite simple on your stove top. Yes, it may be a little longer than in a microwave, but i’m happy practicing patience than blasting radiation on my families food.

Popcorn is such a great snack! My oldest daughter Norah is normally in wind down mode when she gets home and this is great for her to grab quickly while she chats about her day!

A sweet friend of mine shared with me her recipe of using coconut oil in her pan, giving the popcorn a slightly sweeten flavor. Not to mention, this a great way to get good fat in the diet. Since we just moved we have been out of a lot of our essentials, including coconut oil. So I grabbed my olive oil and decided to share today’s post with you

Olive Oil Popcorn

2-3 tbs of oil on the bottom of the pan

1/2-1 cup of kernels (GMO-free)

a slab of REAL butter (We use RAW from our local farmer)

Sea Salt

1) Heat the pan with oil and add the kernels

2) Close the lid and from here you will shake your pan often to ensure that the kernels are being covered in oil and not sticking to the pan. You will shake until the popping starts.

Like this:

3) While your kernal are doing their thing, take a slab of butter and put it in a pot on the stove top and let melt.

4) After lots of vigorous shaking you will start to hear the popping. Mine almost always overflows…but I secretly like it that way…. You can use less kernels to keep from overflowing.

5) Transfer your popcorn to a bowl and add your melted butter and salt

And last but not least…ENJOY!!!

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