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Progress Report: Healing The Gap

May 15, 2014

Back in October I wrote my first post on my diastasis recti and how I had been working to heal my 3 finger gap. A diastasis is pretty common especially among pregnant women as our growing bellies make room for our babies and often the abdominal wall doesn’t fuse back together leaving you looking pregnant after you’ve had the baby months to years after birth. Thankfully with weight loss, diet change and exercise, my gap is about half a finger to being closed! It is absolutely possible to heal your gap closed without ever needing surgery. My process has taken a year but has been easier than I ever realized it would be.

In my first 6 months I revamped my diet and began carefully practicing safe healing exercise methods and started seeing results. At the time I was using the Dia Method so that I could be sure not to damage or widen my gap any further.

Slowly but surely I continued to use the methods in my normal workout routines modifying moves like abdimonal crunches (as these are prohibited with a diastasis). With time and high intense workouts (Insanity) I have gone from a 3 finger gap to barely being able to squeeze my finger in between my abdominal wall.

All in all the progress has been huge. I still want to continue to heal until I can no longer fit any fingers in between my abs. Time and consistency of exercise will help my achieve this goal.

There are wonderful programs out there like the Dia method, lots of tutorials on youtube that teach you how to correctly heal your gap without damaging it any further. It is possible to heal your abdominal wall after pregnancy without ever needing surgery and should always be your first method in healing your diastasis. Our bodies ability to heal, if given the right tools, is truly magnificent!

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