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Nashville Artist: Jess Mayes

June 4, 2014

I have had the privilege of meeting some amazing artist over the past year. I am falling in love with Nashville more and more and inspired by all the creativity. In my recent flower patch dress shoot I had the pleasure of wearing a neckless hand made by an artist here named Jess Mayes. Jess makes unique hand crafted jewelry and each piece is created with the highest quality materials, using new and vintage pieces. I fell in love with the bohemian vibe of her collection. She has an amazing eye and has really created such unique jewelry. I have been impressed with the quality and durability as I am constantly picking up kids and moving fast as a mom. Meet the beautiful Jess Mayes


Jess has an amazing Etsy store full of her beautiful creations. Check her out {HERE}

This hand wrapped blue stone, white feather silver chain I’m wearing constantly. Find it HERE on Jess Mayes


I adore that creativity ignites passion in people and that we can experience other’s art. Jess is not only incredibly talented but a true sweetheart. I had a blast photographing and getting to know her. Please support handmade artist. They put their heart and soul into their art and give more than any chain store could ever offer. Check Jess’s online store at


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