Debt Story

Cash Paid Vacation

July 3, 2014

Our little family is about to embark on our first official vacation! We have always dreamed about rounding up the troops and taking them on fun excursions but either young age or lack of funds have kept us from actually going. We are especially excited because this entire vacation has been paid with CASH!!

There is nothing more freeing that knowing that we can actually afford to go on vacation and that once it’s over we won’t continue to make payments months after!

We continue to dream about the summer’s ahead when we can save up even more cash to do big trips like Disneyland! But for now we welcome our little excursion to Penscola where we will bask in high volumes of Vitamin D, build massive sand castles, and eat fish hoping it was wild caught and not farm raised:)

Acting our wage for now might seem small to most. But we are so proud to have our envelopes of cash and a complete stress free time as a family to unwind and recoup!

Florida here we come!!

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