Man Week

July 14, 2014

I hear by declare this week “Man Week”! A whole week dedicated to my incredibly hunk of a husband, Charlie. He has made such dramatic changes to his health which in turn has helped him achieve weight loss, gain muscle tone, eats clean, is determined and committed to exercise and has more energy and focus as a dad and in his work life. He has also become very holistic in how he approaches his personal health. This week I will highlight how he began working out, which was done totally free and without a gym, natural and toxic free grooming tips, how he copes with stress from being a dude and ways to relieve muscle fatigue. As I have been sharing my personal health journey over the past year on my blog, Charlie has been joining me in making these lifestyle changes. While he didn’t have as much weight to lose as I did, losing 15 lbs gave him the motivation he needed to become committed and discipline to live healthy.

As I have shared before, we lived a pretty toxic lifestyle before moving to Nashville. Being parents and living life on go meant fast food dinners and constantly eating late at night. We took a good hard look at our health and knew we needed to make changes before it was too late.

As I have shown many before and after pictures of myself I wanted to start this week off with showing Charlie’s progress! He has always been pretty lean but consistently eating processed junk and a lot a sugar really packed on some extra unwanted pounds. 

Not only was he feeling the results of eating poorly through his weight but also in his daily productivity. Since we had the life of convenience mentality we never understood the importance of making time for exercise! But once we cleaned up our diet and began making physical activity a daily part of our life his health improved significantly!

With new commitment and a desire to be healthy his transformation happened really fast!

Once he was empowered to take responsibility for his health it lead the way for more discipline and the ability to commit to daily working out.

Now that we have rid the excess from our lives we are seeing the fruits of our hard work paying off. At 32 years old we have leaps and bounds more energy then we did at 29, we are empowered to make decisions and commitments to our health that we never thought possible. We are teaching our kids the importance of health and they have already begun to try and emulate what we are doing!

I am so proud of my hubs and his hard work is paying off! I don’t think I would have been able to be as successful without his support and desire to join me! We want to enjoy our life together in our older years and believe we are setting the course for that now!

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