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New Season, New Challenge

July 11, 2014

I have entered into a new season of working out and I’m pretty darn excited about it. I am still exercising with HIIT and Tabata style routines through Fitness Blender‘s free online workouts but my new found adventure and challenge has been running. Even more exciting is that I have a workout buddy!! In the past, I never really enjoyed running but with the help of Insanity and HIIT routines I have built stamina and endurance that has made it so much easier. I have been exercising alone for the past year and I can’t tell you how thrilling it is to have my very good friend Heylee joining me in this new venture!


Yesterday we completed our first 5 mile run together and we were quite proud of this new milestone. We keep each other accountable to get up, meet and encourage each other to keep going during those last miles. I’m thrilled at her desire to make changes in her personal health and excited to see her reach her goals!


Working out isn’t only about weight loss for me anymore. When I go without I feel a physical difference in my daily performance. I’m addicted to the chemical reaction that I have from sweating,raising my heart rate and releasing endorphins. I am more productive, effective and ready for my day as opposed to the days that I don’t move. My attitude and behavior are significantly different when I get up and workout. For the first time ever I am setting goals that I never thought I could achieve and even more exciting is that I get to encourage Heylee in the same way and celebrate over our victories together.


Working out alone this past year has solidified my commitment to health and exercise. I realize now the important role it plays in my life. In the same way that I understand diet to be crucial to a healthy lifestyle, moving and raising your core temperature, sweating out toxins, bringing in new oxygen and burning fat is simply how God has created the body to function. We have been given amazing vessels that can be fine tuned to perform for us! I have never felt better in my life!


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