Strong Dad’s Strong Family

July 19, 2014

Among the many talents and attributions of my husband, he shines in the role as dad. Our children are enamored with him. They look to him for guidance, uphold him with respect and adore his presence. Over the past year he has made some incredible strides with his personal health. He certainly has accomplished these goals for physical health but even more importantly he has committed to health for his kids. Cleaning up his diet not only affects his outward appearance but it significantly has affected his behavior, energy and attitude. Our kids have watched his new commitment and he’s teaching them the importance of dedication and discipline.

Being a father is the most important role that Charlie gets to play. His desire to love his kids with grace and forgiveness constantly floors me. It almost seems like it’s just a natural outpouring for him. My kids are truly blessed beyond measure to have him as their dad. God has given him a tender yet strong spirit and I learn so much about parenting just by watching him.

The strength that I see growing in his outward appearance is only a small fraction of what’s always been inside.

All this handwork and discipline will not only pay off for him now but will continue as our kids grow. Our quality of life is in direct proportion to how we steward our health. Our health affects everything!

So sure, we changed our diets and started exercising and in turn we look, feel and are in better shape then we have ever been! But through all this hard work we are teaching our kids how to be good stewards of their health. We have more energy and focus to lavish on them and we hope to be able to coordinate the most ridiculous dance to embarrass them at their weddings.

Health is more than bikini ready bodies. It affects the role we have in life and our character. It takes a real man to see that change is needed and then sets out to accomplish it. I’m proud of my manly husband!

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