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July 22, 2014

About a month ago I had a member of our extended family on my husbands side contact me about a natural toxic free makeup line that she sells. I was highly intrigued and she was kind enough to send me some of the makeup lines top sellers to review and share. Oddly enough, her name is also Jessica Gann and apparently she has even had a mixup at the doctors office when they pulled up background info on me instead of her. Small world indeed.

One of the last clean makeover’s I have been working on in my home are my beauty products. I am very excited to share YOUNIQUE makeup line.

Did you know that the conventional make up you are slathering on your skin daily is full of dangerous chemicals? If you turned your mascara tube around I highly doubt you could even pronounce any it’s ingrediants. But the mascaras that help achieve fuller, longer looking lashes contain ingredients that are cheap to obtain and a harm for your health. Here are 4 of the many chemicals you should be aware of:

Parabens, hygienic preservative used in mainstream beauty products. Parabens are known to disrupt estrogen in the body, also known as the endocrine disrupter

Aluminum Power- metallic substance used as a cosmetic colorant and is a neurotoxin. Neurotoxins are interferes with a variety of cellular and metabolic processes in the nervous system.

Propylene Glycol– causes severe skin irritation and sensitization in people. The allergic reaction will show up as a red, inflamed rash that is accompanied by itching and minor pain.

Retinyl Acetate– this harmful ingredient is ranked as a high concerned according to the EWG because it can cause biochemical or cellular level changes!!

I was pretty impressed receiving the YOUNIQUE products and seeing the tiny ingredient list. I loved that the listed ingredients were more like green tea fibers rather than parabens and artificial fragrances.

The other problem I have found with natural beauty products is finding a line that achieves the same look that the conventional lines gives. I certainly don’t want the chemicals from my old store bought makeup but really want the same results. I have to admit I was pretty excited about this makeup line wanted to see if it could achieve what I have been looking for.

I adored all the packaging that everything came in and thought how brilliant to help keep things organized!

The hype with the YOUIQUE mascara line is the ability to create long, false looking lashes. I wanted to put it to the test and decided to not use my lash curler to see how well it worked. I was pretty impressed.

Here are my results from Younigue 3D Fiberlash:

Before with no mascara and uncurled lashes. 

After applying the mascara

If you want to check out more of the YOUNIQUE products you can visit and shop right from Jessica’s personal website HERE and shop for the 3D Fiber Lashes HERE .

Our skin is incredibly important and absorbs chemicals and toxins at high dosages. It is important to clean up the products that you use on your skin. They can have just as big of an impact as foods that we consume daily!

Check out Jessica’s website to see more awesome products!

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