HELP! There’s A Monster In My House

August 1, 2014

In my 7 years of motherhood, raising 2 girls, nothing could prepare me for an almost 3 year old boy. I love my little guy immensely. He is truly tender hearted and wild spirited. He is imaginative, uber silly and loving but among all these awesome attributes, he’s also about to turn 3. I don’t know why people give so much credit to the “terrible two’s”. Talk to any mom and she will agree that 3 years of age is where the rubber hits the road.

In my absence this week from blogging I have been concentrating on consistent parenting. We have certainly entered into a new season of toddlerhood and man has it been rough. Last week in particular wore my exhaustion down to the core. Miles favorite new word is “NO” and since he has 2 older sisters, he has learned a lot of unfavorable sayings like “I don’t like you” and even ” You’re stupid”and then my favorite, volatile tantrums. I tell you, an alien must have invaded our home and stole my sweet little guy.

This is simply a stage of life.  My guy is not a brat or mean spirited and honestly he only does this at home when no one is around. He is under a new awareness of his ability to exert power! Naturally he wants to practice. It’s nothing that I am unaware of but it is hard to see your kids chose to be mean and selfish. I am trying my best to teach, discipline and guide him to repentance. Charlie and I have been working hard to give him positive opportunities to say “YES” and there is nothing more humbling then hearing a toddler say “i’m sorry mamma, will you forgive me”?

Miles has taught me a lot in the past 2 weeks. Even though I’m an adult, I still get really upset when I don’t get my way, I really just want candy, I am in constant need of Jesus and the cross, I need to say sorry a lot, especially to my kids and the love and embrace from my family is what makes everything worth it.

At the end of the day, these hard weeks are what parenting is all about. They are hard and require every bit of my attention and focus. Miles is not the only one that is being refined and challenged and together we are learning how to wade this crazy season. I love him so and he is worth fighting for.

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