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How My Sister Empowered Me To Lose Weight

August 26, 2014

Ever since I was little my sister, Tabitha, has been a great influence over my life. Growing up it was just my mom, Tab and I and we certainly had a unique structure in our home. My sister has been my best friend for most of my life and I have always valued and trusted anything that has come from her. She is a remarkable woman with a unique heart!

Tab and her husband adopted 4 beautiful children (Now full grown teenagers) along side their boys Marcelo and Gabriel. I have watched my sister cultivate a beautiful family with such redemption and humility.


(My mom, sister and I)


For most of our childhood Tab and I were not fans of exercise. My mom would try to encourage us to be active but we were never interested. We both struggled and fluctuated with our weight as teenagers and by the time we both started having babies we really began to see weight pile on.

2 years ago Tab decided to make big changes in her personal health. I began watching her transformation and new mindset take course and I was truly inspired. My sister took hold of her health and began making positive changes!


She was beautiful before she ever lost weight but seeing how much her overall health has enhanced her life she is absolutely glowing!

She is now a lover of running and has run 2 half marathons! Her lifestyle has changed and she is healthier now than she has ever been.


Naturally, she inspired me to make changes in my life!! She lost roughly around 65 lbs and I was floored by her success and desire for change. She taught me the ease and ability of working out at home, encouraged me by her actions to eat better and I was motivated by her dramatic progress to begin making changes in my life!


My sister didn’t join weight watchers, she didn’t have a gym membership or a personal trainer. She dug in deep, disciplined and committed herself to make change. She made healthier food choices and began running and using free exercise programs like Fitnessblender.com to help achieve her goals. (sound familiar? she introduced me) She isn’t on a diet or a plan this is lifestyle commitment and this is her life now!

She empowered me to realize that we all have the ability to make change. You don’t have to grow up being an athlete or in perfect shape, my sister and I were certainly not. Make the decision to challenge yourself and muster up self control and you can experience life transformation through your health! She’s a mom with a powerful testament to what commitment and self-will can accomplish! Be inspired and make change!



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