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Losing 10 Lbs Is Easier Than You Think

August 4, 2014

I am so excited to share today about my gal pal Heylee! She is no stranger to my blog and has already made a few fabulous appearances. I was so excited when she reached out to me for encouragement and accountability to make positive clean changes in her lifestyle with diet and exercise.

My life has changed so much since committing to clean eating and exercise and wanted to share this tremendous gift with a friend and document her progress! It has been awesome to watch Heylee commit herself to these positive changes and her hard work is beginning to pay off!


Heylee is absolutely stunning and since she’s been juicing and cleaning up her diet she is glowing! I did a little session with her back when I first introduced her to the blog in March and thought this would be perfect to show how much she has already progressed. Heylee has lost 10 lbs and you can certainly see the difference!





I knew that if I could make positive changes in my life that certainly anyone could too! Heylee has the right attitude and desire for change and now she is seeing the fruits of her labor! While I have been able to encourage her, help her eliminate foods and replace with clean foods and workout together this is certainly been her own discipline and determination. I am so incredibly proud of her and excited to see her reach her goal!

Look for more of Heylee on the blog when she hits her 20lb mark!!

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