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My 4 Hour Body Week

August 11, 2014

Last Sunday I began the 4 Hour Body weight loss challenge with my pal Kate. We had set out to do 120 days but after some review from this week we decided that 90 days would be much more realistic. Overall, I have immensely enjoyed the recommended eating plan. I am still experimenting and trying out new foods to match my workout schedule. The beginging of the week I found that I needed to be eating and drinking more water to match my workouts and half way through the week I figured out a good ratio and regained energy!

Boy have I experienced a sugar detox! Foggy brain, energy-less, moody and constantly craving anything with sugar. Day 2 & 3 I would have killed for bread and a taste of watermelon but I pressed forward and continued to find slow-carb options to fill my belly.  (Like walnuts, Almond butter with celery) The best part about this eating plan is you can eat as much of the foods that are allowed as you want and I definitely gave myself plentiful rations at each meal!

Here’s a look at my breakfast and dinner from Thursday:




My cheat day is on Sunday and I already have plans underway to indulge:)

Next week my goal is to add more greens back in my diet. I had a really hard time with green salads since I love my sweet honey salad dressings and can’t have honey (my main ingredient in my favorite dressing) I am planning to steam and roast some kale and zucchini to make up for the loss.

While it’s probably more water weight then anything I have had a successful 3 pound weight loss. Water or not, the scale changed from Sunday to Friday and I’m ready to conquer this new week!


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