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How I Sweat Cheap

September 5, 2014

I have officially become one of those people who wear workout clothes all day. I workout pretty religiously every morning and see very little point in changing my clothes for the rest of the days activities. I have had to stock up my wardrobe with exercise gear and have been introduced into a whole new world of popular clothing brands!

Everywhere I go here women are adorned in the popular and beloved lululemon. I’ve heard wonderful things about the fit and quality of their yoga pants, I’ve seen the uber cute sport bra designs and can spot the logo anywhere I go! But at the end of the day we don’t have $82 for a pair of running pants in our budget and I am not sure if I would ever want to pay that much. However, no judgment for those that can and do wear it and like a beautiful expensive car that passes by, I will admire it and move on with my day.

When I workout I sweat….real bad. Not like in a “eww…what’s wrong with you” way, I just love to workup a good sweat. I have found that you can certainly find cheap workout clothes that allow breathability and comfort without breaking your budget. When I workout at home all I need is a sports bra and a good pair of shorts but for my out in public routines I have found that a good fitting pair of pants and a cut off shirt does the job.


You will be surprised what a decent amount of workout clothing you can find at your local Goodwill! Last year when I had just begun working out everything I owned came from thrifting! I had a hefty selection of name brands like Nike, Target and Athleta (Gap’s brand) and never paid more than $5 for a pair of pants!


I’ve complied a list of places you can shop for cheap workout gear to help those who have a budget.  Remember to always shop sales and clearances first:

Platos Closet!! (They are loaded with workout gear. I even scored these brand spankin new Nike Lunarlon for $25)


T.J. Max  (Always check clearance and sale racks first)

Marshall’s (Great place to look for exercise equipment)

Forever 21 (Stylish workout gear for CHEAP)

Fabletics  (Pay $25 on your first workout outfit promotion)

Old Navy (Where all my workout pants come from $10-12)

Target (Check in store sales and clearance)

Goodwill  (Check back periodically to find good stuff)

You don’t have to wear the latest trend in workout gear. You just need a little support on your feet, some clothes you can sweat in and heck of a lot of will power to get out and there and perform! You can easily have a small budget and stock up on a few options to wear day to day!


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