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5 Things I Have Learned About Maintaining My Weight

October 15, 2014

15 months ago I made a huge decision to clean up my diet, heal my allergies and finally lose baby weight! I was sick and tired of all the excuses I would tell myself and never felt content with my after baby size. Mostly because I knew that my decisions to stay overweight were completely unhealthy and the struggle to give up soda, fast food and all the rest of the comfort food would be really hard. I am not one of those girls that have eaten well my entire life and then just “poof” made a decision to lose weight. I knew that my desired commitment to change would be climbing a gigantic horrible mean mountain. I didn’t want to lose weight ONLY to be lean, I really wanted to be healthy.

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Fast forward to present day and 48 lbs lighter I understand now that maintaing weight is just as much of a challenge as losing. Sure, there are way more perks but the battle against the foods that I have spent most of my life consuming will always be present and always trying to find a way back in as a habit. When I initially set out to lose weight my goal was 60 lbs. While I am so proud and thrilled that I lost 48lbs, I do intend in the near future to give it that last go and reach my goal. But until then, I have learned so much about the importance of maintaing my current weight:

1) I have learned that maintaining weight for a good amount of time is really helpful to teach your body to live at that weight. This is one of the reasons we go through weight plateau’s during weight loss. It’s your bodies attempt to balance and catch up to your new structure.

2)I have learned that losing and maintaing weight is not something that should happen fast. Losing weight too quickly can end in health problems like nutrient deficiencies, eliminating muscle mass, loose skin, hair loss, fatigue, dehydrations and in some cases heart attack.

3) Maintaining a 48 lb weight loss has given me a break from being consistently disciplined and lets me let loose! If I can’t enjoy this new weight then why work so hard for it! I love to eat and that will never change!! But this season of maintaining has allowed me to not be so strict when I’m craving my favorite grass fed hamburger and fries from Burger Up in Nashville. We have to live life and enjoy it too!

4) Maintaing my weight encourages constant exercise. The largest contribution to not gaining weight has been that I exercise 5-6 days a week. I’m not obsessed and spend tons of time away from my family. Quite the opposite really. My workouts consist of 20-30 min HIIT routines that I do in my guest room or Saturday morning runs with my husband. I love the way I feel after I have worked out and when I go a day or 2 without it my entire being feels off. It’s just a simple rule if you eat more than you burn you gain. So if your not exercising and eating high calories in most cases you will gain weight.

5) Maintaining my weight and not quite reaching my goal has taught me to be content with who I am and not who I want to be. It’s so easy to get caught up in the more, more game. I want to lose more, I want to be more lean and more..more…more. I have had come to terms with the fact that my weight isn’t my identity and no matter what size I am, I want to love who I am presently.

Losing and maintaing weight is a lifestyle change. If you decide to make this change commit to making this a part of your life and not just for a small season. This doesn’t mean your life as you know is over (I literally thought mine would be) It means you learn self control, discipline, how to make better choices and sometime see food as fuel and not just a craving. Besides making the decision to become debt free there is no other commitment I have made that I am more proud of then changing my diet, losing weight and now learning to live with my new weight. All my efforts, every single one of them have been completely worth it. I wouldn’t go back to my old lifestyle for anything!


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