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Debt Free Cash Splurge

October 10, 2014

We love our kiddos to death!! They have been on this journey of becoming debt free along side us and we wanted to go all out on a huge cash paid surprise for them!! I can’t tell you enough how fun it is to walk into a store and make a big purchase and not use credit!!! Last week we went to toys r us with a set budget to find the kids an awesome swing set! We’ve never owned a swing set before and with the coming week of fall break I knew I would reap the benefits just as heavily as they would. You see, one of the cool things that we have found with stewarding our money well is that there are always these little blessings from God, kind of like “good job, your managing this well, I love you and proud of you and this item you want to buy is now on clearance”. We have encountered a lot of these little blessings and we were so thrilled to find this swing set $200 less on clearance making it way under budget!! SCORE!


Charlie and I were itching to bring the kids home to this ridiculously cool surprise and planned out our day so it could be up and ready for them! We had a planned event to see Frozen on ice that morning and grabbed lunch afterwards. One of Charlie’s friend from work graciously accepted the challenge of setting up the swing set while we were away and we couldn’t be more thankful for him helping us! Soon as we pulled in the driveway, Charlie quickly grabbed his phone to savor the anticipated reaction:

We are rejoicing as a family for the long awaited finale of being debt free! There is so much unbelievable freedom and joy in being good stewards of money! We are enjoying this time immensely and so are the kids!

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