8 Ways To shop at Kroger For Your Organic Needs Without Breaking The Bank

November 18, 2014

Like any mom on a budget I get pretty stoked to find good deals on organic foods at grocery stores. I’m pretty loyal to our local Trader Joe’s and Costco but have decided that I would open my circle of trust to our neighborhood Kroger. I make chili a lot because its incredibly cheap, my kids love it and I can use all organic products. I usually do a quick run through at Kroger for their canned organic beans priced at just .99 but since I was shopping solo last week I took my precious time to see what other options Kroger had. I was absolutely floored at some of the new options and specials Kroger offered on their organic select foods. So much so that I grabbed my phone and began snapping photos while I shopped to spread the good news. Here are 8 reason to shop at Kroger for your organic needs without breaking the bank:

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 1) Organic Canned Beans!! Always priced at .99 and great for those canned recipes without the added preservatives & additives of conventional canned beans.

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2) There are some fruits and veggies that are safe to buy conventional like bananas and avocados. I find that Kroger constantly has good deals on items like avocados which I do not buy organic since its on the lowers side of the pesticide list. Check HERE for the EWG list of the dirty dozen and the Clean 15. I picked up one of my favorite healthy fats at just .99 a piece!

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3) Clearance Bins!!! I’m like a kid on Christmas morning when I get to these awesome bins. I almost always find at least 1 or 2 little organic goodies that I normally skip on because of price. We eat Larabars like the world is ending and as parents at a fast paced lifestyle we need healthy grab and go treats ( and yes I could just make my own but c’mon who’s got time for that). We adore larabars because there is literally 4-5 ingredients that are real and easily pronounced making this a seriously awesome whole food. I was super stoked to find 2 large boxes of my favorite flavor of larabars priced at just .89 a bar! These babies normally are around $1.19 per bar and sometimes $1 when they are on sale. I scored BIG and had a week of my favorite snack!

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4)  Kids healthy snacks! If you have kids especially in the constant growing and eating stage then your probably buy snacks. Now that our kids go to school it’s impossible to avoid buying snacks to throw in their lunch boxes and I’m always looking for a deal on safe options. Kroger is notorious for their great sales. It’s rare that I walk in and don’t see a sale on their Annie’s snack crackers making this a great reason to shop Kroger for your snacking needs! I was super pumped to find these snack yogurts on sale for $1 a piece too!

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5) Organic Meat! I normally always buy my organic meats at Costco because it’s pretty impossible to beat their prices. However, I don’t always have the full amount in my budget to buy the bulk selection and found that Kroger’s organic selection was comparable to TJ’s prices. I love to minimize my shopping trip as much as possible and since I have 3 Krogers less than 15 minutes away from me I find this a great option to purchase.

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6) New Organic Products! I was super excited to see all the new organic products Kroger was shelving like a NON- GMO cereals made from a bean blend rather than wheat or enriched flour and popcorn made from pink Himalayan salt (Which if you don’t know the benefits of pink Himalayan salt stay tuned for a blog on it coming soon). While these items weren’t on sale and priced at around $3.99 each I will keep my eye on them because Kroger is great about their sales!

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7) Kroger’s Simple Truth Organic Line! I find that the prices of the Kroger’s brand Simple Truth is either comparable to TJ’s, Earth Fare or a little less. Making this an easy one stop option!

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8) Last but not least by any means and probably my favorite reason to shop Kroger is……MANGERS SPECIALS!!!! Holy cowabunga these are better than sale prices and pretty much the best deals I have ever seen! Kroger will randomly do managers specials throughout the stores on selected items. It’s literally my favorite tag I have ever seen because the prices are unbelievable! We eat yogurt as much as we can for the beneficial probiotics. The Stoneyfield brand of yogurt is normally priced at $3.50 on sale. I checked Whole foods the day after and their price was closer to $4 so you can imagine my excitement when I scored this tub of yogurt for $1.79!!

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Kroger defiantly earned it’s way into my heart and I will most certainly be adding this to my weekly grocery run. IF you haven’t checkout Kroger and discounted it the way I did give it another chance and you may just save BIG on your grocery bill!

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