My 5 Day Healing Cleanse: You Gotta Move!!

November 4, 2014


So let’s talk about working out!! Here ya go..for your viewing pleasure…

One of the ways I bounce back from over indulging is with an all out major sweat fest. High intensity interval training (HIIT)  is one of the fastest most effective ways to burn fat and see fast results without the negative benefits of cardiovascular exercise. HIIT training, Cardio Intervals and Tabata style workouts are great ways to get your heart rate going, bring in new oxygen to your body and cells and sweat out toxins. This combined with a no sugar diet while focusing on whole organic foods is a perfect way to get a good detox.

I am always talking about my awesome short and effective workouts. On average my daily workouts are between 15-30 min depending on my mood. I burn anywhere from 150-600 calories depending on the intensity of the program. The wonderful thing about Burst style workouts is that your metabolism stays elevated and will continue to burn fat for the next 24-48 hours!!! Not only is burst training full of health benefits but when I workout I naturally make better choices throughout the day. The endorphins I release elevate my mood and give me tons of productivity. Our bodies were made to move and it’s just as important to maintain a healthy active life as it is to make healthy diet choices!

So what does a HIIT workout look like? Here’s one my favorites when I’m low on time but need a good sweat. Try this today and many more for free through Fitness Blender . Make working out a part of your routine especially when you are needing a good detox.

Diet and exercise go hand in hand. While what we consume daily is priority, moving and raising our heart rate plays a major role in our health in aiding to restoring and rejuvenating our system!  You don’t have to comitt to hours of working out to see fast effective results. How about 10 min? Even 7! Start somewhere and begin training yourself to be committed to moving everyday!


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