Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Cheating

December 9, 2014

Listen. I am as normal and real as they come. I am not perfect, I love to have fun and put me in a social gathering and you would never know I am passionate about the things that I am. (i.e. Homebirth, juicing) I love to eat fried food, drink dark beer and don’t even put a burger in front of me because I will do a vanishing magic trick with it. The decision I made to dramatically change my diet 2 year ago has made a huge impact on who I am and how I function but I am not so pious that I don’t know how to cut loose and enjoy life a little. Our culture is what it is and for all it’s worth you do the best you can and not fret over everything. Its crucial to plan to fall off the horse so that you can practice getting back on.

I love love love Dr. Axe, The Food Babe and Dr. Mercola! They are incredible health experts who are living their life exactly as they preach. I have even heard some pretty funny stories about Dr. Axe in restaurants asking pretty much where his food was hatched, raised and treated. He’s all in ya’ll and I respect him like mad!! However, I don’t think I could ever function like that. I live by the 80/20 rule. My desire is that 80% of my health is aligned with eating whole REAL foods that are life giving, disease fighting, helps me maintain healthy weight and fills me with energy to be a mom. I reserve 20% to the days that we all know are going to happen…dinner with friends, cravings for thai food, burgers, more burgers and just plain mess ups. I need to know that I can mess up because it helps me get back on track. Although, I do hope to be more like Dr. Axe one day. I’m just gonna say it, He’s my hero.

I will admit it can be difficult after a week of eating poor choice foods like pizza, fries and chocolate to decide you’ve had enough and start the next day with eating fruit, cottage cheese and veggie soup. But with practice and consistency It can be done and should be done. I call them gut rest. It’s the screeching halt of giving your a body break when you have over indulged and your body is screaming to rest and recoup. I also want to add you can have cheat day with real food like gluten free, organic delicacies, real ice cream made from real ingredients! It doesn’t always means that you eat the worst of the worst but it also means sometimes you may.

Now, I am not advocating that we go out and party like the world is ending. I am trying to communicate that we can’t eat perfect all the time! When I first began this journey I desperately needed someone to tell me that it’s all about a healthy balance with life giving food at the forefront and cheat nights allowed here and there. You fall away from your eating plan for a couple days then you work just as hard to get back on it. That’s life and it’s ok!! We aren’t perfect but we should strive to be as close to it as we can….especially with food. It’s our fuel and it can be the life changing course of disease and sickness or thriving life!

I’ve lost 50 lbs, reversed allergies and rarely get sick because 80% of my diet is consuming with real food, good fats, greens, fruits, nuts, beans and any other food as I tell my kids, that come from the earth. While I was in the brunt of losing weight I still had cheat nights! It happened and they helped me stay consistent. It’s life and we have to maintain balance!


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