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July 10, 2015

Ever since I can remember I have struggled with my weight. I love to eat and have spent a great portion of my life addicted to processed, sugary junk food. I was never ashamed to be that girl who ordered the big mac meal and finish my friends left overs.  A normal day for me used to be filled with soda, fast food and anything that came in the form of bread. As long as my stomach was full it didn’t matter what I was consuming.

It’s been 2 years since I made the decision to change my behavior on health. While I did carry and birth 3 children to help add to my weight, my behavior was continuing me on a slippery slope of obesity and sickness. I knew I needed to change but was fearful that my cravings would be too strong to allow me to get healthy. I had lost weight before but had continually gained the weight back with each attempt. My previous goals for weight loss were just to look and be thinner with no thought to wanting my health to improve. My goal for weight loss was solely to be perceived a certain way rather than improving my overall health. Caring for my overall health has been the determining factor of my continued ability to keep weight off and even further new goals.

I have lost 45 pounds, improved symptoms like allergies and seasonal sickness’s, have more athletic stamina, improved my emotional well-being and have more energy as a wife and mom!

I wanted to change my habits so that my quality of life was enhanced. I began to realize that If I didn’t make the decision to change my health that I was welcoming sickness and possibly disease into my future. I want to be in the best shape of my life to enjoy my family and community at its fullest.

I suffered terribly with allergies and wanted to try healing my attacks through my gut. I began by simply cutting processed sugar from my diet. Which may seem easy enough until you begin to realize how much of our food is loaded with it!! After some detoxing (from no sugar) I began consistently consuming whole, clean foods like organic greens and veggies, lean meats, nuts legumes etc… If it came out of a box and I couldn’t pronounce the long list of ingredients, I didn’t put it my mouth.

My allergies were the first to improve which was huge because I was miserable! From there I began to see weight loss and that was even more encouraging! I decided to start exercising through a free online workout program called Fitness Blender, which offers over 300 different types of routines. I loved the idea of not having to compare myself to others in a gym and not feeling the pressure to wear fancy exercise clothing and most of all it was FREE!


If I can lose weight, me with the horrible addiction to fake food, then anyone can and it starts with a GOALl! Make it about optimal health and set a number or achievement you want to see! For me, my goal was to lose 60 pounds! I’m still working towards my goal and I plan on hitting it! Then come up with A PLAN! I cut out sugar and then tried to only eat real, clean foods and I loved it! Finally, COMMIT to it!! Consistency and self-will are key and if you stay consistent you will see results!

I’m a normal o’l gal that loves a cold beer and giant burger loaded with french fries. I decided one day that I’d make a goal to change my health and I’ve committed to daily carrying it out. I have taken it day by day and practiced a whole lot of self control (with a weekly cheat day to help me through) and am still on that journey today to achieve what I have set out to do!

Make goals today and change your quality of life! You will not regret it!





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