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Why I will stop comparing myself to the perfect body

July 31, 2015

For the past 2 years I have worked as hard as I can to be in the best shape of my life. I have lost 50 lbs and maintained the weight drop while adding muscle tone and cardiovascular endurance and yet I still struggle that it’s not enough. Over the past year I have told myself that there is a certain way I should look, a certain perfect angle picture I am only allowed to post and that ultimately I haven’t reached my goal because I am not thin enough. I recently decided that I would no longer allow this to be my perspective!!

We live in a culture that bombards women with an ideal of what a beautiful figure should look like and as a mom it leaves me feeling that I will never measure up. I’ve had 3 children and bare the marks heavily on my skin, breastfeeding has taken it’s deflating toll and my hips have definitely spread and have no intentions no matter how much weight I lose to get any smaller.

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I have been saying I want to lose more weight and while there is nothing wrong with making goals I have realized that over the past few months my desire to attain this has come from an insecurity from comparing myself to an ideal of what I’m suppose to be. I want to be beautiful and confident just as I am and not what anyone or anything thinks I should be. For this reason I have declared a makeover and a shift in my way of thinking and will no longer obsess over this ideal because …

I am confident in my imperfect body.

I have a strong body that has experienced child birth 3 times.

I have curves and big muscles in my calves that sometimes makes it hard to buy tall boots but thank God for booties.

I will wear a two piece at the beach and will even do a cart wheel. 

I am a size 10 and feel damn good about it.

I will post pictures that my kids, husband or friends take of me without worrying that I look fat. It’s their perspective of me and I will cherish it.

I will be confident in who I am for my girls so that they can grow up being confident in who they are. 

I have a living, functioning, healthy body, free from disease or chronic illness. I’m far from perfect and I definitely wouldn’t be winning any bikini competitions but I’d rather go enjoy a burger anyway.

I will stop comparing myself to others.

I will be as healthy as I can be for me and for the health of my family.

Every other reason to be skinny can go to hell.

So there. This summer quit trying to live up to an impossible standard. Be healthy as you can be and don’t stress over it all too much!

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