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Our Farmhouse Life

February 1, 2016

It’s been a bit since I’ve been here. So much has changed and so many new things consume me and my family. We left our town and went 30 minutes down the road for a new way of life. We wanted a little seclusion and a lot of wonderment to create and grow. I can’t believe we will soon be 1 year into this journey. Words can’t describe how in love we are with our new home that is full of quirks and character. There is a beautiful 100 year old history that we now are a part of and privileged to continue writing it’s story.

I have the great task of homeschooling. It’s terrifying, exhausting and my absolute joy. I am learning so much from each of my kids specific learning styles and allowing them the freedom to explore that process. I have forced myself to listen and learn from them to help guide them more effectively. I have so much still to learn and more trial & errors to make but I love doing life with my family.

blue-vinyl-9While holistic health is still a crucial component to our family it is now just a rhythm of life and my outpouring is on my kids. My hope is to share a window vision of our new way of life through homeschooling, preparing to become rookie farmers, motherhood, our farmhouse renovations and more from our daily ruminations.

blue-vinyl-11It’s good for my soul to know there are others out there who on the same path. We need each other for support and encouragement.

A little of our dwellings…



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