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My name is Jessica and I’m a mom to 3 beautiful kiddos, Norah, Ada and Miles  I married my best friend in 2004 and fall more in love with him as the years go on. These people are my life and my heart!!!

I have been pioneering through this journey of health and discovering that life can be lived naturally. Our bodies are powerful and have amazing capabilities of healing if given the proper tools! My desire is to show how our family lives and combats daily alignments like sickness by using essential oils, whole food eating through our diets and the ease of exercising from home.

Through living naturally and intentionally our quality of like has enhanced. Both my husband and I have experienced weight loss and have more energy as parents then we have ever had. We have learned to not listen to fear but to trust our gut over the health of our children and have spent countless hours researching and educating ourselves. Through experiences like birthing our children at home and looking to holistic remedies first before conventional healthcare we have seen our bodies become stronger and heal quicker! By eating real food we have lost weight, rid ourselves of ailments like allergies and rarely suffer with sickness.

Alongside our drastic health changes we also decided we were fed up with debt! After taking Dave Ramsey’s FPU class and learning how to get out of debt, we paid off $175K of debt in less than 2 years and now owe nothing to anyone!! With determination, a whole lot of discipline and a few sacrifices we worked our debt snow ball with all the intensity we had and can finally say “We’re debt FREE”!!


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