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Our Farmhouse Life

February 1, 2016

It’s been a bit since I’ve been here. So much has changed and so many new things consume me and my family. We left our town and went 30 minutes down the road for a new way of life. We wanted a little seclusion and a lot of wonderment to create and grow. I can’t believe we will soon be 1 year into this journey. Words can’t describe how in love we are with our new home that is full of quirks and character. There is a beautiful 100 year old history that we now are a part of and privileged to continue writing it’s story.

I have the great task of homeschooling. It’s terrifying, exhausting and my absolute joy. I am learning so much from each of my kids specific learning styles and allowing them the freedom to explore that process. I have forced myself to listen and learn from them to help guide them more effectively. I have so much still to learn and more trial & errors to make but I love doing life with my family.

blue-vinyl-9While holistic health is still a crucial component to our family it is now just a rhythm of life and my outpouring is on my kids. My hope is to share a window vision of our new way of life through homeschooling, preparing to become rookie farmers, motherhood, our farmhouse renovations and more from our daily ruminations.

blue-vinyl-11It’s good for my soul to know there are others out there who on the same path. We need each other for support and encouragement.

A little of our dwellings…




Exploring Nashville

February 2, 2015

Ada Turns 6

February 2, 2015

We celebrated Ada’s bday with some dear family friends that live on the country side. We love going to their home because it almost feels like we are getting out of town! We had a blast grillin dogs, eating cupcakes and tearing apart a piñata! We couldn’t have asked for our day to be any sweeter! Happy Birthday Ada!



Working Hard & Hardly Working

October 24, 2014

Phew….That’s the best way to represent my week. I have spent everyday playing major editing catch up on weddings, senior sessions, fashion shoots and in the process of revamping our Blue Vinyl site! This weekend will be our last weekend at home for a while and I’m going to savor every minute we have as a family doing whatever we want. But in honor of our hard work here’s a little look into our lives over the past few weeks.

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Ladies and Gentlemen…WE’RE DEBT FREE!!!!!!!!

October 6, 2014

September 2012 we embarked on a life changing journey to go against the mainstream of culture and rid ourselves of debt! When we started Financial Peace I didn’t really think we’d be able to do it. Sure, maybe we’d make progress and get it down to at least a normal number but never did I think we would be standing on this side of the line. Since living on a budget, working our debt snow ball, taking every job we could and putting all of our money towards debt, we paid off $175,000 in 2 years!!!!!!!! We are no longer shackled or bound by any “owed” payment!!


There were definitely times of struggle and frustration but overall our family has grown through working hard together in a way that I never thought possible. My relationship with Charlie has changed significantly because we have aligned ourselves together and live on common ground when it comes to finances. The sacrifices we have made to become debt free seem small to what we have earned and are reaping. Our children have watched this entire process and asked so many questions along the way. Of course my favorite from Norah ” When we become debt free, does that mean we can buy everything and anything we want”? Obviously we have more teaching to do when it comes to finances but we have taught our children a valuable lesson that we had to learn the hard way. If you don’t have the cash you cant afford it!


We have big plans for our family of saving, investing and building our wealth but first we’re gonna celebrate since we just conquered a mountain!! So Ladies and Gentlemen, The Gann’s are officially DEBT FREE!!!!

bluevinyl-4 bluevinyl-6


Photos by Kellie Mueller 


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Our Little Miss Sunshine

September 11, 2014

I can hardly believe that today we celebrate 7 years of my daughter Norah. It seemed like just yesterday she was the curly headed 3 year old bobbing around being just as sweet and cute as she always was. But now I have noticed that the reminiscence of being little are almost gone and she is turning into a little lady. My Norah is grown and from here we are watching her become her own. Her heart is huge and full of compassion, she is silly and tenderhearted and we often sit and have discussions about life and what’s to come.

Charlie and I could never be more proud of who she is becoming. Today we celebrate my beautiful 7 year old! We are so thankful for her life and that we are her parents!




HELP! There’s A Monster In My House

August 1, 2014

In my 7 years of motherhood, raising 2 girls, nothing could prepare me for an almost 3 year old boy. I love my little guy immensely. He is truly tender hearted and wild spirited. He is imaginative, uber silly and loving but among all these awesome attributes, he’s also about to turn 3. I don’t know why people give so much credit to the “terrible two’s”. Talk to any mom and she will agree that 3 years of age is where the rubber hits the road.

In my absence this week from blogging I have been concentrating on consistent parenting. We have certainly entered into a new season of toddlerhood and man has it been rough. Last week in particular wore my exhaustion down to the core. Miles favorite new word is “NO” and since he has 2 older sisters, he has learned a lot of unfavorable sayings like “I don’t like you” and even ” You’re stupid”and then my favorite, volatile tantrums. I tell you, an alien must have invaded our home and stole my sweet little guy.

This is simply a stage of life.  My guy is not a brat or mean spirited and honestly he only does this at home when no one is around. He is under a new awareness of his ability to exert power! Naturally he wants to practice. It’s nothing that I am unaware of but it is hard to see your kids chose to be mean and selfish. I am trying my best to teach, discipline and guide him to repentance. Charlie and I have been working hard to give him positive opportunities to say “YES” and there is nothing more humbling then hearing a toddler say “i’m sorry mamma, will you forgive me”?

Miles has taught me a lot in the past 2 weeks. Even though I’m an adult, I still get really upset when I don’t get my way, I really just want candy, I am in constant need of Jesus and the cross, I need to say sorry a lot, especially to my kids and the love and embrace from my family is what makes everything worth it.

At the end of the day, these hard weeks are what parenting is all about. They are hard and require every bit of my attention and focus. Miles is not the only one that is being refined and challenged and together we are learning how to wade this crazy season. I love him so and he is worth fighting for.


Strong Dad’s Strong Family

July 19, 2014

Among the many talents and attributions of my husband, he shines in the role as dad. Our children are enamored with him. They look to him for guidance, uphold him with respect and adore his presence. Over the past year he has made some incredible strides with his personal health. He certainly has accomplished these goals for physical health but even more importantly he has committed to health for his kids. Cleaning up his diet not only affects his outward appearance but it significantly has affected his behavior, energy and attitude. Our kids have watched his new commitment and he’s teaching them the importance of dedication and discipline.

Being a father is the most important role that Charlie gets to play. His desire to love his kids with grace and forgiveness constantly floors me. It almost seems like it’s just a natural outpouring for him. My kids are truly blessed beyond measure to have him as their dad. God has given him a tender yet strong spirit and I learn so much about parenting just by watching him.

The strength that I see growing in his outward appearance is only a small fraction of what’s always been inside.

All this handwork and discipline will not only pay off for him now but will continue as our kids grow. Our quality of life is in direct proportion to how we steward our health. Our health affects everything!

So sure, we changed our diets and started exercising and in turn we look, feel and are in better shape then we have ever been! But through all this hard work we are teaching our kids how to be good stewards of their health. We have more energy and focus to lavish on them and we hope to be able to coordinate the most ridiculous dance to embarrass them at their weddings.

Health is more than bikini ready bodies. It affects the role we have in life and our character. It takes a real man to see that change is needed and then sets out to accomplish it. I’m proud of my manly husband!


Our New Beginning

May 19, 2014

We officially moved over the weekend!! Our weekend was busy moving, cleaning, unpacking, decorating and a little too much eating out. But overall we are so excited for this next chapter of our lives and really excited to create in this little space! The kids took much joy in a 3 day weekend with dad being home and transiting together.

Took some snippets along the way to document my family in transition. Charlie and I are beyond thrilled for what this year is going to bring financially and the challenge to live minimally. Here’s to our year of becoming debt free!

(Riding the lawn mower to the new house)

(temporary dining solutions while we save up for our dining table)

(First movie night in the house)

(Otis and his new spot)

(Got a workout in Sunday morning)


Happy Mum’s Day

May 9, 2014

I am so thankful for my beautiful children. My life would not be as rich without the joy they give me. Norah, Ada and Miles are sweet, loving, teachable and caring children. I love their wildness and creativity! I have learned so much from being a mom! I am truly blessed!!