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Mamma Pajama

January 7, 2014


We spend a lot of our time in our P’J’s. It’s not something I am particularly fond of but it’s just the way our days work out. Anyone with kids knows the task it is to get everyone ready for an outing and most days it’s not worth it. I am extroverted and get very energized from being around people so naturally one of my biggest struggles of being a stay at home has been the isolation from the world. Particularly after having Ada, we began to spend most days at home. I began struggling with some depression and felt that my life lacked value. My outlook on life was bleak and I spent a lot of that season complaining to my husband about how tough it all was. Before you have kids everyone will share how hard it is to be a parent but nothing can prepare you for child rearing. It is an intense responsibility that takes all the commitment you can muster up because being a parent means surrendering your daily life for your children. I admit that sounds negative but what I am learning is nothing is more beautiful than sacrifice. It is grueling, it hurts, it strips you of your selfishness and forces you to constantly think and care for others above yourself. It is a hard lesson that comes with much fruit. I have not arrived and far from perfect.



I love being a stay at home mom. It’s a raw and clear depiction of the growth I need in my life. When you are home day to day there is nothing to hide and my true attitude is always revealed. I am continuously learning to find joy and beauty in our day to day P.J dancing, messy house, constant correcting, giggles and endless snacking. When I stop and think of my wants I am always brought back to a place of gratitude to God. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to be a steward of young life and that being home allows me a chance to quiet my heart and see the treasure I have been given.


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Whole lot of REAL this year

November 27, 2013

We decided to put our tree up early this year. We knew we’d be traveling and too ragged to put up the tree when we got home from our Thanksgiving trip so we decided to go ahead and celebrate decorating early! We have always used an artificial tree but realized we had chucked our old tree before moving to Nashville. So sticking with our common theme of “real” this year, like real food rather than fake, we bought a REAL tree! A few snippets of the tree going up!


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Dancing in the Snow

November 26, 2013

We got snow yesterday! It only lasted 20 min but it was wonderful and beautiful. This week has turned out to be one of those nostalgic memories that always brings you back to the holidays!



Blue Vinyl Creative “Thanks”

October 30, 2013

This year we are thankful for our AMAZING clients and friends. So for the month of November we want to say thank you by offering a specially priced portrait or family session for $175 to all of our fans. Like us on Facebook (Blue Vinyl Creative) and shoot us an email to schedule your session this month!

Some of our sweet Blue Vinyl Families


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Foto Friday: Punkin’

October 18, 2013

In the spirit of fall and all things pumpkins i bring to you our awesome day at Lucky Lads farms right outside of Franklin. Defiantly going down in the hall of family fun days.